Thursday, August 27, 2009


With the maple-sugar harvest nearing completion, the residents of Crusty Lake took to the frozen lake. The ice was thick and firm, great for skating, frollicking - and thrills. Dodie and Paul built a snowman on the shore, their recently-dead poodle pup (blame that Buick driver) buried inside the figure's frosty belly. Wilburt chased Ed, hoping to catch some of his loot from the corner grocery robbery. Sandy tightly fastened her laces while Timmy slipped on his pool of incontinence. Roger and Anne waltzed a glide, their skate blades cutting shrieks over the ice. Further down the lake, Leonard did an interpretive dance-come-crucifixion pose. All appeared well in this charming scene. As dusk approached, however, the Buick driver would return, racing over the lake - flattening each thrill-seeking participant at Crusty Lake.

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