Friday, August 28, 2009


The air is always quiet before a disaster. James Dally had taken a 'sick' day, a means to escape his hectic job at Capital Records. He felt great, driving up Iceberg Mountain Road to go fly fishing at Skogland River. The day before, stopping in at Jake's Bar across the street from the office, he spotted Nat 'King' Cole. Mr. Cole frequently stopped in at Jake's after meeting with the record company. They chatted about family, work and life in general. James mentioned his crazy workload, and it was Nat who suggested - "You get sick time, don't you?" - that he take a day off. James cast his line in the river stretch below Skogland Falls. And then he became aware of the ominous silence. No wind, no water splushing, no birds crying, no trees shaking. Wierd. Before long there was a gunshot. It was so loud, it scared James to death! He fell back, gulped on glacier water, and convulsed in an "Unforgettable" way.

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