Tuesday, June 14, 2011


In the swinging 60s, billionaire hotelier Rodney Glenville IV would don his red London cap before ordering an ice-cold martini (straight-up, olives) at the Solaris Plexis Polo Club. In those days, he'd usually be seen in the company of his live-in girlfriend - the bikini-clad, B-flick bombshell, Julietta Sangiovese. Fast-forward to 1984, to Trebbiano’s Ristorante on Rodeo Drive, where Julietta walked out on Rodney – for good. Earlier that evening they had gone to the premier of Purple Rain. Rodney, now older and all soft and philosophical, had questioned aloud: “Like, what is that purple rain?” Julietta, about to throw in the towel on a relationship long gone toxic, replied: “It’s not rain... it’s the way that tears - landing on a color photo - turn the surface a soft magenta.”

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